Smart “One of Ten”, 125 HP!

Brabus has partnered with Sunseeker, a luxury yacht manufacturer, and they have presented a limited series of “One of Ten Ultimate 125” Smart. “One of Ten” in this case justifies the name because only 10 copies of this unusual Smarta will be produced. The drive is powered by a 125-hp powerful three-cylinder engine that allows acceleration of up to 9.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 175 km/h. However, most attention will certainly attract new details in the interior.

There is also a Sunseeker who has provided his “tricks” for details such as wood flooring, beige leather and details like a leather-bound compass, which will make the driver and passenger feel like yachts (in this case, rather a bare yacht). As far as outdoor design is concerned, 18-inch billboards, discrete labels suggesting Sunseeker co-operation and a triple extension of the exhaust system, giving extra aggressiveness. This Smart looks great, but the price of 60,000 euros is still exaggerated. Maybe for the same amount still choose the E-Class…